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New Location Salons Of Dallas @ 1400 Hi Line in the Design District!!!!

"Connie practices hair care along with styling"

​"It was fortunate that I was referred to Connie by another stylist who was concerned with making and keeping my hair healthy.  Her skills and knowledge of the biology of hair is no less than amazing!  At the time my hair was breaking. My Dr. said it was stress breakage from life stresses, as well as medication. He was unsure of how to combat the situation. My original stylist (whom I still see) suggested I go to Connie Reid because Connie was the best person to braid and sew in hair tracks. Thus giving my own hair time to go without chemicals and repair.

 He told me Connie practiced hair care along with styling, and he was right. I wore the braids with tracks attached a good while. When she did comb my braids out months later 2 inch long broken hair was now healthy strands of 8 inch long hair. Needless to say, I've been thrilled!  I get complements all the time. And, as y'all know...a compliment can raise a "sistahs" spirit for the rest of the day. "

Pam Thomas

LuvHer Of Hair

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